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Time is still coming fast to make a change in the world. Often we don't feel like we have the strength.

Many have asked what the secret is here at RoR.

Simple we don't give up, positive impact is all we choose to know.

The following  playlist is one of the things we use to pull ourselves up.

Have you heard the phrase "Have Some RoR for <your next meal>"?

Here is the whole buffet.

Please share excessively.


One of the main goals of RoR at this point is to propogate renewable energy.

We have found a solution that sits nicely beside the rooftop solar boom.

And what's better? The "biproduct" of this is water, that has been distilled so hot that it looses impurities.

Watch the videos of it here showing massive progress on the first solar plant that will do this.

Located in Delta, Utah this will be a major victory for clean energy.


RoR Project : Preceptor

Who wants to exist in a universe where we were the only inhabitants?

Any species or civilization who has evolved sufficiently to traverse tens if not hundreds of trillions of our miles through outer space has surely gone through the same trials and tribulations we are going through now.
If you watch the works of Dr Stephen Greer then you will see the results of the group meditations.

Many thanks to those who have helped support the various projects RoR has undertaken.

You as well can help with the crowdfund for Preceptor here.

Project : Preceptor

One of the newest is to become an official CE-5 Site (in a physical nature, as in we will offer the trainings and all).

But also to become an official contact and reporting hub for the Mutual Ufo Network (MUFON).

Not failing the RoR tradition of complete immersion. We will be using our already extensive knowledge to manufacture our own tools and supplies.

You can watch our growing library of Disclosure related videos here.


Preceptor has a dual sided goal. A Preceptor is a teacher, specifically in the medical field.

In the best case scenerio we as a species will soon get to meet those from beyond that Frank Drake promised us will exist.

We can then ask them now they have the ability to traverse trillions of miles, exactly how their cultures weathered the trials and tribulations inherent in ours today.


We can pick up our tools and impliments to fix those problems ourselves.

The above motivation video list will show you the mindset.

It is up to you as it is also up to us to make the world a better place.

Clean energy and Eco-Symbiotic technology will be our best bet for doing this.

Humanity is always at it's peak form when we aspire to things greater than ourselves individually. 

The quest towards outer space as a species is one of the most noble of such pursuits. We are honored to bring you the live feed from the international space station here for your enjoyment.



The main RoR facebook front:


RoR Preceptor project for the disclosure initiative


The vehicle for moving computers and many other things to fund my power plant.


Redefine the business trip, Seize Life and Make it Reign.


The first page we made heading in a new direction.

Most of the really cool tools we use or research are put into the following pinterest board.
Here is a good place to start looking for ideas for whatever you might be interested in.
A full fledged maker board will be Coming Soon.
For now look here for all manner of science and invention.




Proud Home of The Northern Lights Initiative -

Proving life Persists


Many of our viewers LOVE the Progressive Trance we use as a coding aid around the office.

Here is the whole list for your enjoyment.


Several people involved with the RoR quest to save the world have public figure pages on facebook and elsewhere.

We are proud to showcase them here.


Mike Mclaughlin "Pheonix the Techno Druid" -

Owner, Artist, Coder


For the Disclosure movement, Enjoy the tweets from Dr Steven Greer

Denise A Halter Mclaughlin "Lyoness / Inspector Ginger" -

Majority Owner, Outwards Psyche & Situational Analysis, Private Investigator

East coast operations

Hercules Invictus: Solar Legend, Owner Mount Olympus Tenafly NJ 

Massive updates coming soon. For sneak peek click on "east coast operations".